Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the city of London, 1867! This is the heart of the largest empire in the world, with many people and things from every part of it. It’s a city of wealth and manners as well as poverty and decadence. The classes are divided by manner and breeding as oppose to distance and pollution is almost inescapable. Everyone in this city knows those around them and has friends in many places. More importantly though, everyone has a story.

This is but a small part of the ever-changing landscape that is London.

As the first part of this particular London story unfolds, we find our characters caught up in things beyond the scope of their understanding.
Corruption in the Church is rampant and with only one man to stand against the tide of Entropy, will it be enough?
A lowly Ratman seeks to rise above the gutters and leave his mark upon the city, but who can he trust to help him when it’s every man for themselves?
A young gypsy woman seeks a safe haven for her and her family, but in a strange and unfriendly town, to whom can she reach out?
A man carves out his reputation handling the dirty work of powerful men, but do his actions lead to a greater good or further evil ends?
A young member of the “idle” rich continually thwarts the plans of the most powerful gang in the city; how long will it be before they decide to rid themselves of this upstart or will The Masked Bandit get them first?
A bon vivant with a troubled past is looking into avenging the mystery around his parents demise; how far down the rabbit hole is he will to get to learn such things?
A wounded, both in body and pride, soldier seeks to take back to the skys in what he believes is rightfully his. To what lengths will he go to acquire what he wants, even with treason as the ultimate reward.
With trouble brewing in her homeland, a young woman seeks to empower herself in the hopes that she may be able to do some good. Will her actions be able to affect the situation in her new home and thus the treatment of her homeland and what will become of the family she had to leave behind?

Only time will tell…

High Thrills and Social Ills

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