High Thrills and Social Ills

Ancient Chinese Secert

For Lord Velsullius to full back Father Dobb’s church, he would like him to better understand how far the Church has gotten from it’s roots. He asked that Father Dobbs dig into the lives of some of his churchmen to learn the truth. By purchasing the help of the Hound, he was able to find that one priest had a love of asian women and that another was a pimp of sorts. He himself also discovered another who stole from the church on occasion. A minor taste but as some of those where those he considered allies, a rude awakening.

Terry Turner, leader of the Commercial Road gang, would like the Hound to free the brothers Motombaa and Wantanbe from the clutches of a merchant who works on behalf of the Black Gold Beneficent Society. The brothers happen to be gifted smugglers of items from Africa and the Far East. The Hound, with the aid of Fidget, and Father Dobbs, successfully broke into the merchant’s shop and collected the doll that held the the brother’s in thrall. During the break out, the doll became filthy and a fortunate washing of the doll freed to brothers finally.
The Commercial Road gang now has access to the some of the best smugglers in London and the brothers feel a debt to those who helped free them from the clutches of the Black Gold Beneficent Society.


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