High Thrills and Social Ills

Breaking In and Breaking Out

With the strange death of Gale Buffet, it was left to his lawyer, Victor Offdensen, to untangle Gale’s will and figure out what was to be left to the organization he had envisioned. When Kael arrived at the lawyer’s office he had a proposition for Kael; Offdensen would “dissolve” the organization and take the two hundred pounds that went with it. In return, Kael could have the hangar left behind to do with as he pleased. Kael readily agreed, now having a base of operations for any future endeavors.
Charity finally made a friend within high society, a woman named Sheela. Sheela invited Charity over for tea, happy to know another foreigner in the area. Through conversation, it was revealed to Charity that Sheela was a skilled swordswoman and was knowledgeable about many things in the area.
While out patrolling one evening. The Masked Bandit overheard some workers from a nearby train tunnel excavation site report of some stolen equipment. After an investigation of the area, it was revealed that the culprits had to be operating north of the site. He also rumors of other blasting material going missing.
Kael decided to use the money he was paying to Wiley Willy Wollsworth for a good purpose. To begin his secret career, he would need to formulate a good persona, and needed an acting teacher. Willy introduced him to Caroline Pearl, a woman who sometimes helps during Brigg’s Gang cons. She agreed to help Kael for five shillings an hour. Kael also inquired as to where he might learn to handle a wyvern. Having no clue himself, Willy suggested The Phoenix Squadron.
Kenneth Valentine approached Fain with an issue. Kenneth was the man that sold Fain his grappling gun and he figured that Fain could help him. A group of thugs had forced him from his shop and he wanted them out. Turns out those men had been the ones stealing the tunneling equipment. It became obvious that they were trying to break into a prison for the mentally ill. The Masked Bandit, with the help of Officer McNaulty, took down the thugs before the plan was carried out, however the mastermind was never found.
Kael got in touch with The Phoenix Squadron which agreed to let him practice and they would help train him. After all, he’s a fellow soldier and one in good standing.


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