High Thrills and Social Ills

Down with the Sickness

During a Sunday service, Father Dobbs notices that several members of his congregation have taken ill with a mysterious sickness. It seems pollution from a factory on the river is making the water unsafe for use. Determined to help the members of his flock, he set out to learning what he could about the sickness.
A newly-arrived gypsy girl, Risa, gave a reading to one of the local farmer’s wives in which she had a vision of a sickness spreading through the community and saw that the woman all ready had it. Later that evening when she noticed the symptoms as predicted, she blamed Risa and led a mob to chase her. A wandering Father Dobbs intervened and the two decided that it was in their best interest to get down to the root of the cause.
The Hound is hired to shut down the factory that makes “Clay Vaugn’s Headache Powder”, which the condition not to damage the place. After attempting to threaten the man to closing down his shop. He decided a different approach is in order.
Father Dobbs ran into Dr. Basil Dawson, a young doctor working out of his home, who is trying to find a cure for this strange illness before it has a chance to spread. Father Dobbs offers his assistance and is tasked with getting a few items he’s need to begin working on a treatment. However, Father Dobbs was taken ill with the sickness and was unable to be much help. Risa went out to collect some of the items and was taken ill as well.
Alistair decided to back up the polluted water into the factory itself and get it shut down that way. After a hard night’s work, he managed to get the pipe clamped but also came down sick. Luckily Dr. Dawson needed blood samples of the sick, which each of them offered up. After some work, a treatment was created and spread out to the immediate populace. The poor of the East End think highly of those who helped them when they needed it most.


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