High Thrills and Social Ills

Fight the Power!

Blackmantle had hired the Hound to investigate more into The Prince’s Knot. He asked the Union to look into the matter and after a few days they had figured out who the members were and a little about how they communicate. The Hound also learned the name of the Soho Slasher, Geoffry Haddawick.

Several churches were missing relics. Groups of thugs broke into the churches, taking the money from the donation box and grabbing their relics. Father Dobbs spoke with the priest of the three churches that lost relics.

A strange group of gypsies are selling charms about town. Risa discovers that the charms are bad luck and go to investigate the group. That night she went to their camp to spy on them. While she was their she noticed a woman talking with her old vampire buddy. The charms are supposed to be given to criminals to foil their endeavors.

The Hound decided to hunt down Geoffry Haddawick to prevent him from preying on the Union’s prostitutes. He tracked him down to his place and managed to capture the man and leave him at Cutter’s.

Father Cunningham figured out that Father Chapman was behind the thefts.


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