High Thrills and Social Ills

For the Good of the Common Man

Alistair arranges to meet with Blackmantle so he gave deliver Geoffry Haddawick to him. Blackmantle chose to execute Haddawick without ceremony and move on to remove the rest of The Prince’s Knot.

A strike at The Three Mills gin distillery has caused discord amongst the population. A lot of people in Bethnal Green support the strike and either work there or know people who do. The group of strikers was being led by Graham Cunningham, a charismatic young man who is sympathetic to the plight of the workers. The gypsies in the surrounding area have also been facing hard times without a working populace. Going to investigate, Father Dobbs learns the reasons behind the strike but is on the fence about his position.

Later that night, The Masked Bandit overhears that a group of thugs are going to try to break up the strike. That next day, with Father Dobbs, Fain, and Alistair in the audience, the thugs try to break up the strike. After witnessing the abuses from the thugs against innocent people the three men take to their defense and smashed the thugs. Graham thanks them for their help and Alistair volunteers to help them, for a price.

Father Cunningham hears about what happens and thanks Father Dobbs. Turns out that Graham is his son and would be willing to back Dobbs’ play for Bishop if he will keep his son safe from harm. Father Dobbs agrees since he was planning on keeping tabs on the strike anyway.

Later, Alistair instructs Graham on how to extort what you want from people and how to start a union. All that is required is that a portion of the dues goes to The Union for protection.

Lee Magilton, the manager of The Three Mills distillery, met with Dobro of West End Terror to discuss the permanent removal of Graham Cunningham. Dobro says that he will take care of the situation. Unfortunately for them, the conversation was overheard by The Masked Bandit and Risa. They followed Dobro and jumped him when they had the opportunity. After a pitched fight they managed to knock Dobro out with thrown grappling hook to the head. After questioning, most of their worst fears were confirmed. However, they decided to do something about the immediate problem and slowly staked Dobro out on the street, turning him to ash within minutes.

The next day, bolstered by knowledge of how to lean on someone, Graham went back to negotiate. Without his reinforcements to kill Graham, Mr. Magilton agreed to an additional 2 pence, would install guard rails, and would shorten the work day to 10 hours.

Dr. Dawson came around Risa’s encampment and mentioned that the people of Bethnal Green were receptive of the gypsies and wouldn’t mind if they set up in their marketplace. He also seemed to have eyes for Risa’s sister, from who he was buying herbs.

The Masked Bandit got a few new pieces of gear to help him in his task and after his aid helped the strikers, people are beginning to doubt the fact that The Masked Bandit is a murderer.

A group of men, strong and loyal, came to Alistair in the hopes of joining up with him. They feel he is a part of something better and are willing to stand with him if it means benefiting society.

Father Cunningham came around to let Father Dobbs know that he would back him for bishop as his plate was full. Lord Velsullius came around and wanted to reward Father Dobbs for his hard work and offered to put forth the money for a special show at his church next sunday. After his sermon that next day, Father Dobbs saw Sheldon Hearst waiting in the back after the crowd had passed. He congratulated him on his new position and told him that he should look into the Thulian Order if he wanted to know the source of his issues.


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