High Thrills and Social Ills

For the Love of the Hunt

The Hound was hired by a bland young man to take out The Apache. The job seemed simple enough until Alistair accidentally ran into him at the market where his sells his wars during the day. Risa decided it would be in Alistair’s best interest if she kept an eye out for him.

The Masked Bandit has noticed that Kent Darvey is recruiting new members to West End Terror on the far East End. As he went to investigate, he noticed that Darvey was using a strange watch to hypnotize men into doing his bidding. The Masked Bandit tried to stop him but Darvey disappeared.

Gage Price, a regular of Risa’s, came for a reading. Risa witnessed him shaking hands with a wolf and a dog. She knew that she had to warn Alistair that his mission might be staged somehow.

Father Dobbs received news that the Bishop of Stepney is stepping down, leaving the chance for advancement open for him. After reviewing the opinions of the other local priest, he is sure he has a chance to become the next bishop.

Later that week, The Masked Bandit came across Darvey up to his tricks again. This time Darvey would not escape as The Masked Bandit managed to shoot him in the ankle. He removed Darvey’s items, a gun and the pocket watch, and left him with a note on the door step of Scotland Yard. That night he had a dream of heading out to Hackney, waving the watch in front of a building, and hypnotizing strangers. When he awoke that morning, he was in his bedclothes in the Hackney. He came across Risa and asked her advice about the watch. She was able to translate the inscription on it and knew the item to be cursed. Unsure of how to be rid of it, they decided to take it to Father Dobbs to see if he had any advice. He said a prayer over it and the link of dark magic was severed. Afterwards, Risa went with Fain back to his place where he paid her for her services and got a reading from her. She say their two roads connecting and leading into a dark forest with bats blotting out the sun. They parted ways knowing that this was just the beginning of a journey. However, Darvey was found dead on the police doorstep, a bullet in his chest along with The Masked Bandit’s note making it look like he was to blame for the murder. Wanted posters blanketed the town for The Masked Bandit.

At long last, The Apache caught up to a waiting Hound. The Hound explained that he resented their situation. It was then that The Apache explained to him what was really at stake; that he thought himself the best and aimed to prove it to himself and The Union. The battle ensued but after a solid shot and a few well placed cracks from a gun cane The Apache fell dead at The Hound’s feet. He met up with his contact, a sour taste in his mouth from the deed that needed to be done but for the wrong reasons. However, he was offered a place as Head of Muscle within The Union. Alistair grudgingly accepted; best to work within this system for now, he could decided whether they continued or disbanded later.

After sunday’s sermon, Father Dobbs was approached but Sheldon Hearst with an interesting proposition. He had heard that Father Dobbs aimed to be the next Bishop of Stepney and wanted to help him bolster his chances of getting the position. In return, he wanted nothing. All he would give for an explanation was that he was a “concerned citizen”.


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