High Thrills and Social Ills

King of the Hill

Charity goes to Mr. Schwartz, the family lawyer, to sort out the family fortune. In a rare turn of events, she is the only person Mr. Lockhart had left so she can inherit. The holdings are the estate, the docks and properties of the Isle of Dogs, the museum in Bethnal Green, and the warehouse in Bermondsey. The bureaucracy is in place so she needn’t worry much about the business but she is free to do with it as she wishes.

There was a knock at Fidget’s door; a young ratman with a bullet wound in his shoulder in need of assistance. Charity was about to offer some assistance while the boy told Fidget that he was forced to steal by Bill Sikes who ran the local workhouse. An angered Fidget hires the Hound to help him deal with the matter. They gather a crew and head into Bill’s Workhouse. A battle ensues Bill and his men are beaten and forced to stop their operation.

Blackmantle sends a message to Charity with a request to speak to her about a particular matter. Kael also sends word to he would like to discuss plans with Charity. Blackmantle is the first to arrive and meets her in the study. He expresses his sorrow for her loss and offers his assistance in bringing those responsible to swift justice. He reveals that his has many skills in such a field and would be willing to lend her his talents. This gives her much to think about. So do the plans for the India Mutiny Contingency she finds on her father’s desk. When Kael arrives and revels his plans to steal back his airship and invites her to come along, she seemed to consider the option. She did at least give Kael the plans concerning his airship.

A messenger is intercepted from Lee Monks, another Workhouse operator like Sikes, who works for Viktor Gavrilla. He uses the children there as spies and messengers for the Agents of the Queen. Monks hardly puts up a fight, knowing full well that the Hound and the gang has him beat. He gives up that it was all Viktor’s idea.

Blackmantle follows Gavrilla to his favorite bar, The Red Rover. While there, he studies the man, waiting for his chance to strike. The opportunity presents itself, his whiskey glass. With a deft move, a lethal portion of arsenic pours into Viktor’s drink. Blackmantle then takes his leave, knowing full well that the alcohol and arsenic cocktail will be his last drink. Within no time Viktor Gavrilla, Agent of the Queen and follower of The Prince’s Knot fell dead to the bar floor.

Blackmantle then receives a strange request; transport Bill Sikes to Der Aufhocker in Bishopsgate. He takes the beaten man to the strange shop where he is given a mirror can and a box of Cigars of Obscuring as a gift.

Charity went to speak to Dr. Khan about his interest in buying the museum. He is very interested in the idea and is in the works to getting the school to agree, which he is sure will be no trouble. He promised he would make sure it was well taken care of.

Fidget decided to put a payment down on the nearby tenement building. After negotiating with the banker, he agreed to let it go for 12 pounds; 1 paid as a down payment and the rest paid monthly. Then he handed Fidget the keys. A home/office, a printing press, and now a place for those with him to live. There is nowhere else to go but up


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