High Thrills and Social Ills

Mystery at the May Day Masquerade

The House of Mr. and Mrs. Campbell had a May Day Masquerade, mostly to show off their new “Aluminat” artifact; a white marble lion with a strange red tongue. All of high society was in attendance to such a joyous evening. However, trouble was right around the corner.
During the party, Fain noticed that a few members of the staff were slipping away. Following them, he discovered five men setting up some sort of strange contraption, then, having been spotted by the armed men, he set about to try to find to what was afoot.
Father Dobbs was introduced to Lord Velsullius, an old man who has always taken an interest in the goings-on of the Church. Seeing Dobbs as a trustworthy man, he decided to patronize the Father’s church.
Kael was introduced to to Gale Buffet, the first man to fly an airship in combat. Mr. Buffet mentioned his interest in having Kael as the head of his project and the captain of his crew. More was to be discussed at a later date.
Charity ran into a Middle Eastern woman who, like Charity, had noticed that the sculpture was not Aluminat at all, but Indian in origin.
Mr. Blackmantle made his appearance to the social scene but on a mission. He was contracted by a mysterious man to kill a man who was attempting to assassinate Mr. Lockhart. So he watched as he made new friends.
Then West End Terror stuck! A man, calling himself Kent Darvey, began using “sorcery” to seemingly mind control half the guest to rob the other half. At this time, the lights went out of the party and everyone broke lose. Two men worked their way through the chaos and tried to kill Mr. Lockhart and Sir Edmund Crofton. However, Blackmantle quickly dispatched Mr. Lockhart’s killer and Kael was able to subdue the man after Crofton.
All the while, Kent Darvey was trying to get way. Charity had given chase only to find him all ready been tailed by The Masked Bandit. A trick shot with the grappling gun brought down Darvey but he managed to vanish before they were able to fully bring him to justice.
As they lead out the captive killer, he threw Charity a dirty look, one she would never forget.


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