High Thrills and Social Ills

Payment for Services Rendered

Alistair was on a mission to build his reputation. With the Cudgel’s list of names, he set off to take down his next heavy-hitter. His search leads him to Cutter, one of Whitechapel’s shot-callers. Cutter then hired him to collect the debt owed to him by The Vicar, the shot-caller of St. Giles. After an initial beat down, Alistair came back with two of the biggest pugilist he could find, The Russian Bear and the Italian Stallion. The Vicar agreed to pay after he had his ass handed to him.

Father Dobbs was asked to see Father Wilkinson about a rumor he heard. Father Wilkinson informed Father Dobbs that members of the Church had been discussing his hanging around some questionable company. Father Dobbs reassured Father Wilkinson that he had nothing to worry about and went to investigate the source of the rumors, Father Andrews. The talk ended with an apparent peace accord but with a look at the volatile nature of Church politics.

Fidget went out and started to meet new contacts. He came across members of The Agents of the Queen (Arbonne faction) and made contact with Cutter.


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