High Thrills and Social Ills


Willy informs Kael that they need some basic info before they can really begin recruiting. He tells Kael that they will need a list of the employees, a lay-out of the place, the schedule of activities for the places, and the ship’s future plans. Luckily, Kael had been about the around and was able to draw up a map of the place. He was also able to get a copy of the activity schedule and a pass to look at the ship, but only on the condition that Kael babysits for him so him and the Mrs could go out for the evening.

During the earliest hours of Tuesday, Charity was awakened by the sounds of screaming and growling. She rushed downstairs to see an armed man getting attacked by her tiger. Turns out he was trying to assassinate Mr. Lockhart and hadn’t counted on the tiger. Charity felt concerned but Mr. Lockhart told her she had nothing to worry about.

Fidget begins selling his penny-dreadfuls around the city, hiring orphans at a decent sum to sell as many as they can. The wordless books turned out to be popular with the lower class and began to inspire orphans. Some people didn’t take too kindly to the idea.

Kael enlisted Charity’s help in their babysitting endeavor. Neither of them had any experience in the subject and found the child just horrible. However, he got his pass to visit his ship.

Fidget was visited by Stokey, head of the Quick Hand, who demanded that Fidget keep his penny-dreadful out of St. Giles or else their will be trouble. Undisturbed Fidget just made that the subject of his next story. The next day he noticed a sign on a nearby tenement building. Turns out the back has foreclosed on it and is willing to let it go for 10 pounds. While expensive, he thought it would be a good place to house his future army.

Kael went out to Wormwood Scrubs to get a list of who was employed there. While he was there he met Bertram Entwhistle, a dwarf fascinated by flying machines and an old friend of Archie’s. They made plans to all meet up later that evening. Having all the info he could get, he turned it into Willy so he could begin recruiting.

Mr. Lockhart went on a date with Sheela but was killed during a skirmish with an assassin. Charity was informed of the tragic event the next morning. Preparations were made and the funeral was held that Saturday. During the funeral, Eloise Trinity picked up Mr. Lockhart’s pocketwatch and gave it to Charity, claiming she may need it one day.


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