High Thrills and Social Ills

Press: The Attack

The Hound had received a note about a possible job. He met “Thomas” at the P’s & Q’s pub and was informed that his master would like three task accomplished. First, he would like the Illustrated London News out of print before Sunday. Second, he would like someone to keep an eye on and protect Stevie Steadman from a group of thugs. Finally, he would like a story stolen from Gary Stone.

The Hound, knowing he could not achieve all these goals on his own, hired out for additional help. To take out the printing press The Hound hired Fidget. The task was accomplished by having Fidget crawl in through the ink drain, douse the place in gasoline and other accelerants, then lite the place on fire. They managed to get away unnoticed.

The Hound spent time shadowing Stevie Steadman until his attackers showed up. After beating the three men, he was thanked for his efforts by the man. Then he stayed around to make sure no one would try to attack him again.

Belle was hired to steal the story from Gary Stone. After seducing him, she had recovered the story about one of her more vile clients. While thinking she was delivering the story to another one of her horrible clients, she was relieved to find a young journalist with interest in the story. The man turned out to be Sheldon Hearst, a young ambitious man.

That Sunday the characters made headlines.


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