High Thrills and Social Ills

Science and Exploration

The Clockwork and Steam Expo had begun. Several groups and guilds, primarily the Worshipful Order of Horologist, supported the Expo. The Expo featured the best and latest trends in technology. The Expo took place on the Exposition Hall grounds.

Kael discovered Archie Waylan, a middle-class gnome with a need for speed and a steam/electric engine. After viewing his work, Kael hired him to begin work on a bigger, more powerful version of that engine for airship use. Archie accepted but continued to showcase his work. The next day, three men tried to steal the motorcycle but were thwarted by Fain Spruce wielding the grappling hook he had just purchased.

At 6 p.m on the first day of the Expo, Mr. Tannehill drops dead. It is revealed that one of the springs from his pocket watch came loose and pierced his heart, killing him instantly. The pocket watch came from Mr. McArthur’s Watch Emporium. Mr. McArthur was investigated and was going to be sued by Mr. Tannehill’s family. It was discovered by Kael and Father Dobbs that Aaron “Bow” Boden, Mr. McArthur’s old apprentice, was the man behind the murders. He was taken to prison by Officer McNaulty.

On the last day of the Expo, Charity was running around the Expo when she saved a brass pianist from being knocked over and broken. To thank her, the dwarf merchant let her have the pianist as a gift. She tried to play the music from the automaton and instead heard a message a Gerald Mannsberg that mentioned him being imprisoned and his coordinates.


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