High Thrills and Social Ills

The Goat and the Hound

During the debutante ball, Blackmantle overheard that a man who goes by The Hound could be trusted to get a dirty job done. Blackmantle had need to have a man, Diedrick Lexington, followed, his moves recorded. He sent a servant to The Hound, requesting his service. With terms agreeable to both members through their medium, the Hound began to tail Mr. Lexington.
Risa is awakened to find that a member of her caravan has been taken. She takes it upon herself to try and find the missing girl. She asks for the help of Father Dobbs to ask about and see if anyone knows anything. The two begin to search.
The Masked Bandit stumbles over a serious beat down in Whitechapel. Turns out members of the McEwan gang have kidnapped one of Cutter’s illegitimate daughters. He’s heard that The Masked Bandit was pretty good about this kinda thing and he had his hands full with the situation in Whitechapel. Cutter let it drop that Kent Darvey was behind it as an incentive to get The Masked Bandit on the job. The Masked Bandit set out immediately to find the problem.
That night Risa had a vision that left clues that some evil lurked over the city and was the controlling force behind the kidnappings. The next day while searching they encounter The Masked Bandit, who is on the case as well. As they combine their clues, they figure out where the children might be.
Alistair’s watch seems pretty uneventful. The man receives a letter, no big. The next night, the man meets with a priest, Dunnsworth he overhears, in Bethnal Green and they discuss purifying sites. The next day is more tedious letter sending, however Father Dobbs request The Hounds assistance. While they discuss what is to be done, The Hound ask if Father Dobbs can inquire about a strange symbol he was asked to look into. He also mentions the meeting between Lexington and Father Dunnsworth. Father Dobb’s research show that the symbol belongs to The Prince’s Knot, a mystery cult. He is able to translate the ritual for the Hound.
The Masked Bandit has solved where the children are located and stole his way onto the ship in which they were contained. During his attempt, he is stopped by Kent Darvey. A brief confrontation leads The Masked Bandit to shot the molotov cocktail Darvey was going to throw at him, blowing up half of his face. After accessing the situation, he decides to rally the troops. The Masked Bandit, Risa, and a halfling friend of her’s sneak onto the ship while Cutter and his men, Officer McNaulty and a few of his trusted officers, The Hound, and Father Dobbs all take on the crew of this West End Terror ship. During the commotion, the children are easily secured below deck. As most of West End Terror is apprehended or have fled, the children are released and sent back to their families.
That Friday night, the summer solstice,five fires burned in different parts of the city. The more occult-minded could feel that something was up while most assumed that some crazy person may be on the loose. The papers over the next few days were full of news about the fires and the bust on the boat.
The Hound delivered his detailed report back to Thomas, who promptly delivered the information back to Blackmantle. He now had a name for what he hunted, an idea of their agenda, and how they were going about it. All he really needs to know now is how to identify them and who the rest of them are.


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