High Thrills and Social Ills

The War at Home

The weeks following the kidnapping of Cutter’s illegitimate daughter were filled with violence between two rival gangs for control of Whitechapel; Cutter’s Crew and the McEwan gang, the newest addition to West End Terror. Each side decided that something must be done.

Blackmantle was hired to kill Cutter. The reasons were simple and the payment was ample. Without hesitation, he began his search. After staking out Cutter’s bar and bedding his daughter Blackmantle had Cutter’s moves all figured out. He waited til he was wasted, crept into his room, and ran him through the heart. Then he went out the window and into the night. Cutter’s Crew was without its namesake.

Before his demise, Cutter knew that he must find McEwan if he wanted Whitechapel to himself. To that end, he put Fidget to the task of ferreting him out. With little difficulty Fidget was able to track down McEwan right to his weapons storehouse. Cutter’s son, Butch, went in with a crew of heavy hitters to finish the problem. In the issuing conflict Butch was killed but not before he took down McEwan himself. The McEwan gang had reached its end.

Kael was asked by Phoenix Squadron to look into a matter of Queen and Country; Russian weapons have made their way into the black market of London. For this request he made a deal with “Hayden Rutherford” to be trained on how to fly a wyvern in return for figuring out who is behind the contraband. He went into the city to figure it out while trying out his new persona, Sid the American. During his search, he came across Fidget, who was in the process of securing east Whitechapel. Working together, they cleared out the last strong point of the McEwan gang. Kael, finding clues to the dead drops, got one step closer for figuring out where the weapons were coming from.

Charity’s sense of adventure continues to be fueled by the events around her. The mysterious events throughout the city have prompted her to start tracking them. Eloise Trinity invited Charity over for tea, interested in what she had heard about this young woman. Interested in Charity’s idea about doing charitable works for the lower class, Eloise has offered her assistance in any way she can and hoped to see her around the Adventurer’s Society more often. Her pocketwatch added some weight to her words. Blackmantle also took an interest in Charity’s actions, but more so about the mysterious fires and those who caused them. They agreed to keep each informed about the incident. Later that week, Charity went to Southwark to see what she could do for the people there. Finding a young boy whose fingers had been mangled by factory machines, she healed him of his wounds. Word of her kind actions have all ready began to spread.

Fidget, along with Cutter’s other son, have secured Whitechapel for their own interest. Finally having a place to call home, Fidget can begin to build his empire.

Blackmantle, having pleased the man who hired him, met his employer at a nice little restaurant. Turns out he was hired by Borozci, a kindly old man by day and a crime lord by night. Unaware of Borozci’s true nature, the two had a pleasant time. However, with West End Terror’s hand into the East End severed, he needs to find another way to build power.


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