High Thrills and Social Ills

Trip the Darkness

Big news greeted our characters this week. The Dash has finally finished undergoing repairs and may see action again in a few months. Charity got a message from her brother letting her know of the East India Company injustices and that he has joined up with some men looking to do some good for India. All the while, Fidget was stealing the weapons and the money from the dead drops around the area.

With news that The Dash has been repaired, Kael decided it was time to act before he lost his chance. He contacted Wiley Willy about getting a crew together to take his ship back. Willy said he would start asking around and see what kind of information he could dig up.

Fidget encountered a strangely dressed Goatman who asked a few strange questions, sprinkled some sand over him, laughed, and walked away before blinking out of existence. The man had with him a strange jug and a goat.

Charity was a popular girl when both Blackmantle and Kael showed up to her place at around the same time that morning. Blackmantle wanted Charity to help him look further into The Prince’s Knot. She agreed to have someone she knew look over everything. Kael wished to discuss the possibility of future adventures together and maybe of leaving London. Charity had taken Kael with her during some of her worked and, after healing a beaten man, she showed him why she would be hesitant to leave. The beaten man explained to them that Rollo Cork, a nasty tempered halfling, had done it to him trying to get information as to where Fidget might be. The man didn’t know.

However, that did not stop Rollo Cork from suddenly finding out where Fidget was. They fought for a bit before Kael and Charity showed up to help him. Kael managed to apprehend Rollo and remand him into custody of the local authorities.

Charity gave the info she had about the Prince’s Knot to Father Dobbs to further research the matter. He learned that it had strong relevance to the story of Lucifer’s fall and it looks like their intent is to bring him back. Later Charity was visited by Donovan Crofton who told her how he expected the Indian problem put down quickly.

Blackmantle himself went to get an outside opinion of the ritual from the Guild. The mage he spoke to hadn’t seen that one before but without know what original magical practice it was from he couldn’t know for sure; obviously not thaumaturge.
While Blackmantle was in Bishopsgate, he overheard Mr. Lexington and Father Dunnsworth talking down a dark alleyway. They were discussing how far along everything was and that their leader, Pan, had finally arrived, but also how one of their own was getting out of hand, even earning a nickname as the Soho Slasher. After talking about doing something about it soon, they blinked out of existence. Blackmantle decided to enlist the services of The Hound to find out more about what they were talking about.

Charity was asked by Sheela to help her sneak a statue into London as a surprise for her father. Charity agreed to the task of erasing the entry. Later on, the Baron came to escort Charity to a show in Soho. During their time together he told her about what he knew about the plight in India and that he had heard news about her brother joining up with some men he knew. He promised he would do what he could to keep her brother from harm.

Fidget managed to secure a printing press to put in his new place. After putting out an ad, he got Pierre Dubois to do the artwork for him. Now he is ready to begin printing his first penny dreadful.

Charity was successful in hiding the statue from her father and he was pleasantly surprised by it later.


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