High Thrills and Social Ills

Press: The Attack

The Hound had received a note about a possible job. He met “Thomas” at the P’s & Q’s pub and was informed that his master would like three task accomplished. First, he would like the Illustrated London News out of print before Sunday. Second, he would like someone to keep an eye on and protect Stevie Steadman from a group of thugs. Finally, he would like a story stolen from Gary Stone.

The Hound, knowing he could not achieve all these goals on his own, hired out for additional help. To take out the printing press The Hound hired Fidget. The task was accomplished by having Fidget crawl in through the ink drain, douse the place in gasoline and other accelerants, then lite the place on fire. They managed to get away unnoticed.

The Hound spent time shadowing Stevie Steadman until his attackers showed up. After beating the three men, he was thanked for his efforts by the man. Then he stayed around to make sure no one would try to attack him again.

Belle was hired to steal the story from Gary Stone. After seducing him, she had recovered the story about one of her more vile clients. While thinking she was delivering the story to another one of her horrible clients, she was relieved to find a young journalist with interest in the story. The man turned out to be Sheldon Hearst, a young ambitious man.

That Sunday the characters made headlines.

Science and Exploration

The Clockwork and Steam Expo had begun. Several groups and guilds, primarily the Worshipful Order of Horologist, supported the Expo. The Expo featured the best and latest trends in technology. The Expo took place on the Exposition Hall grounds.

Kael discovered Archie Waylan, a middle-class gnome with a need for speed and a steam/electric engine. After viewing his work, Kael hired him to begin work on a bigger, more powerful version of that engine for airship use. Archie accepted but continued to showcase his work. The next day, three men tried to steal the motorcycle but were thwarted by Fain Spruce wielding the grappling hook he had just purchased.

At 6 p.m on the first day of the Expo, Mr. Tannehill drops dead. It is revealed that one of the springs from his pocket watch came loose and pierced his heart, killing him instantly. The pocket watch came from Mr. McArthur’s Watch Emporium. Mr. McArthur was investigated and was going to be sued by Mr. Tannehill’s family. It was discovered by Kael and Father Dobbs that Aaron “Bow” Boden, Mr. McArthur’s old apprentice, was the man behind the murders. He was taken to prison by Officer McNaulty.

On the last day of the Expo, Charity was running around the Expo when she saved a brass pianist from being knocked over and broken. To thank her, the dwarf merchant let her have the pianist as a gift. She tried to play the music from the automaton and instead heard a message a Gerald Mannsberg that mentioned him being imprisoned and his coordinates.

Payment for Services Rendered

Alistair was on a mission to build his reputation. With the Cudgel’s list of names, he set off to take down his next heavy-hitter. His search leads him to Cutter, one of Whitechapel’s shot-callers. Cutter then hired him to collect the debt owed to him by The Vicar, the shot-caller of St. Giles. After an initial beat down, Alistair came back with two of the biggest pugilist he could find, The Russian Bear and the Italian Stallion. The Vicar agreed to pay after he had his ass handed to him.

Father Dobbs was asked to see Father Wilkinson about a rumor he heard. Father Wilkinson informed Father Dobbs that members of the Church had been discussing his hanging around some questionable company. Father Dobbs reassured Father Wilkinson that he had nothing to worry about and went to investigate the source of the rumors, Father Andrews. The talk ended with an apparent peace accord but with a look at the volatile nature of Church politics.

Fidget went out and started to meet new contacts. He came across members of The Agents of the Queen (Arbonne faction) and made contact with Cutter.

Among Thieves

The high classers tracked down a stolen shipment of Indian goods belonging to Mr. Lockhart. In doing so, they allied themselves with a mysterious character known as “the Bandit.” The culprits of the crime were the masterful Briggs gang, who were working for an Indian immigrant who planned on shipping the goods back to his home country.

Tidying Up

The heroes Mr. McCrew, Miss Blackwell, and Father Dobbs drove the Cudgel and his band of hooligans out of Bethnel Green, clearing the way for Father Dobbs to run a prosperous parish and care for the hardworking people of the district.


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