Alistair MacKrew

Hound of London


Basic Information
Name: Allistair MacKrew
Player: Justin
Social Class: Low
Race: Human
Rank: 1
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Build: Brutish, Athletic
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Stone Gray
Childhood: Urchin
Vocation: Footpad
Personality: Cynic
Social Ethics: Realism

Strength – |2|
Dexterity – |1|
Fortitude – |2|
Presence – |2|
Wits – |2|
Resolve – |1|

Derived Attributes
Initiative – |6|
Movement – |6|
Sneak – |3|
Run – |18|
Swim – |6|
Leap – |2|
Jump – |1|

Tracked Stats
Health – |8|
Mana – |0|

Racial Special abilities

Common Skills
Act – |1|
Athletics – |1|
Blunt Weapons – |4|
Bull – |1|
Charm – ||
Conceal – ||
Concentration – ||
Dance – ||
Dodge – |2|
Drive Carriage – ||
Empathy – ||
etiquette – |2|
Firearms – |2|
Fisticuffs – |3|
General Knowledge – |1|
Hide & Sneak – |1|
Horse Riding – ||
Improvised weaponry – ||
Intimidate – |4|
Might – |3|
Perception – |3|
Streetwise – |2|
Swordplay – ||
Throwing – ||

Specialty Skills
Garrote – |1|
Gambling – |2|

Magical Skills

Cigar Case
Cigar Cutter
Pocket watch
Loaded Dice

Spells, Medium powers & Runes

Iron Will – |3|
Mere Flesh Wound – |3|
Weapon Master (Cane) – |3|
Acute Sense (Smell) – |3|
Drink like a Fish – |3|

Ear of the Street – |3|

Respectable Boarding House – |4|

Rage – |-5|

Local Bartender
Local Paperboy
Local Artist

(he makes his own each game)

1 Shillling, 6 Pence

Experience, Ranking & Fate
14 Fate points

Weighted Cane
Garrote Cane
Rifle Cane
Brass Knuckles

Lined Jacket


Alistair was born of the union of an Aluminat Priest, and a highly priced courtesan. He was raised in an environment that was not very child friendly. His mother was always well taken care of by her patrons, but under a few occasions they fell onto hard times. When Alistair was of age he was sent to a private Aluminat boarding school, presumably paid for by his father. Here Alistair gained the reputation of being a bully. When he was thrown out due to disobedience, he joined a street gang within Glasgow. It was here where he learned quickly how to survive, and how to act on the streets. At one point Alistair got quite arrogant and tried to overtake his boss. This failed miserably, and he ended up putting not only himself, but his mother in danger as well. She was surprised find her son involved with the Local riff raff, but also disappointed and ashamed; this hurt Alistair quite deeply, he never liked displeasing his mother. After a severe beating, he was forced to leave Glasgow; his mother would be safe under the condition that he never returned.
He enlisted in the military shortly after that. He made it past basic training and was sent off to war. One fateful night while camped out, Alistair awoke to an odd white light. He went out, lit a cigar and went to take a piss then saw one of his fellow soldiers, eating another one of his mates. It was then when the rest of the camp turned on him, looking upon him as if he was food. Alistair ran for his life taking down as many of the pursuers as he could, but to no avail. He ran to the munitions tent and figured if he couldn’t run from them, he could at least take them with him. He detonated the tent with his cigar causing a chain reaction. When Alistair awoke he was in a transport to London. He was told that he had been found amongst his dead comrades, and had been babbling for the past month in tongues. He was to be sent to Bethlehem Royal hospital.
Alistair spent the better half of two years in Bedlam. His odd upbringing and emotional scars had made him a curious case for its staff. Some of the experimentation done on him was odd and may have damaged his psyche even more. After they were done with them they practically threw him on the street with the filth. Alistair tried his hands at a few odd lower class jobs, he soon found himself ill fitted for such work. He decided that he might try his hand at crime once again. After running around with the London gangs, he realized that if he wasn’t careful, he’d reenact his past. Perhaps another business model was an order. After slumming around enough public houses, he heard careless word of a heist on a jewelry business. Instead collaborating with the criminals and splitting the pay, and risking police involvement, he traced his way to the store’s owner. He broke into his house and made him a proposition. He would offer him protection from this coming heist for half the price of the values they were going to steal, and a recommendation, to another person of his standing. The owner agreed, he would let him play guard hound. Alistair quite liked the name, and adopted it. Needless to say he foiled the heist and collected his due. He was moving up. Soon after, he got the recommendation he was promised, and completed another job. Alistair figured that doing crime from the top down was a much better paying gig. He’s now currently out to establish a name for himself, as the Hound of London.

Alistair has reddish blonde hair cut short, grey eyes, and Celtic features. He now dresses in middle class tailored suits and carries a cane wherever he goes. He has a fairly brutish build and thick Scottish accent that is a dead giveaway he’s not from London.

That of a street dog

Alistair MacKrew

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