Father Anthony Dobbs

The Aluminat Priest


Good Anthony, the Iron Priest, a.k.a. Father Goodiron
34-year old Aluminat Priest, Rank 2

Basic Traits
Attributes Strength 1, Dexterity 1, Fortitude 1, Presence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 2
Derived Attributes Initiative 9, Health 3 (4/6 pips)
Movement Speeds Sneak 3 yds, Run 18 yds, Swim 6 yds, Leap h. 2 yds, Jump v. 1 yd

Common Bull 3 (6), Charm 5 (8), Empathy 4 (7), Etiquette 4 (7), Fisticuffs 5 (6), Perception 4 (7)
Specalised Art: Classical Literature 2 (5), Conversation 3 (6), Language: Latin 2 (5), Politics 3 (6), Research 2 (5), Theology: Aluminat 4 (7)

Special Qualities
Talents Combat Sense (+ 1 Init), Handsome (+ 1 social w/ looks), Iron Grip (+ 1 grapple roll and damage), Iron Will
Priveleges Friend of the Library (8 pts), Income – Middle (10 pts, + 8 shillings/adventure), Servant’s Quarters (2 pts)
Complications Code of Honour – help the helpless, fight for the greater good; Distinctive Features – sharp; Late Starter – aged 34

Equipment brass knuckles, silver crucifix, silver pocketwatch, priest’s outfit, cigarette case, wooden lion mask, umbrella
Funds 22s

Childhood Boarding School
Vocation Clergyman

Rank 4
Rank Points (current/total) 0/6
XP (current/total) 1/32
XP Advancement + 1 Fisticuffs (4XP), Pugilist (6 XP), Income – Max Middle (5 XP, upgraded from 5), Theology: Aluminat 3 to 4 (4 XP), + 1 Presence (12 XP, upgraded from 2)
Rank Advancement + 4 Common Skills (+ 1 Bull, 2 to 3; + 1 Charm, 3 to 4; + 1 Empathy, 3 to 4; + 1 Etiquette, 3 to 4; + 1 Charm, 4 to 5; + 1 Fisticuffs, 4 to 5)


Father Anthony is a handsome priest who lives in a London parish. He is gentle and kind, always quick to lend a hand to those in need. However, his grey eyes are cunning and intelligent, and his silvery tongue is adpet at charming those around him. He uses his great mental faculties to elevate himself in the ranks of the Church. He is well versed in the slow politics of the clergy, and he knows how to gain allies to further his subtle campaigns.

Anthony sees himself as an agent of Order and strives to act in service of the greater good. He understands that etiquette and propriety must sometimes be bent to ensure that Order is victorious, but he holds strongs to the core commandments of his faith.

Anthony Dobbs is the fourth child of well-to-do nobles. His eldest brother, Lee, inherited the family fortune. William, the second, is a military officer, and Charlotte, the third child and the Dobbs’ only daughter, is married with children of her own. Anthony was sent to boarding school as a child, where he learned that not all people are kind. He was frequently bullied and beaten by older boys until he learned how to brawl, and it is a skill that has stuck with him to this day. The rush of a fight is a strange thing to Anthony. He once feared it was the influence of Chaos corrupting his life, but time and introspection have shed new light on the matter of fisticuffs. While he doesn’t speak of his penchant for brawling openly, Anthony sees fighting as a pure expression of Order. Talking may be civilized, but nothing puts men in their place quite like a strong cuff to the jaw. Now, Anthony is not a violent man. Quite the opposite: he prefers peaceful resolutions when viable, but at times, to protect oneself or others, or to quash hot tempers before they can do harm, a man must fight. This is why Anthony keeps knuckledusters hidden beneath his jacket, though if other clergy were to discover this, it could do his reputation great harm. But who knows? Perhaps some of the priests would appreciate his mindset and his actions outside of the church walls.

Father Anthony Dobbs

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