Fain Spruce

Noble, Marksman, Vigilante


Rank Points 1 70 points
Fain Spruce
Race: Eldren
Class: Upper
Nationality: English
Background: Public School
Vocation: Socialite

27 pounds 5 shillings

Strength 2(2) Dexterity 4(4) Fortitude 1(2) Wits 2(3) Resolve 3(3) Presence 3(5)
Health: 3 Health Die
Mana: 1 Die
Sneak 4 yds
Run 24 yds
Swim 8 yds
Leap Horizontal 4 yds
Jump Vertical 2 yds
Initiative: 10
Act 2
Athletics 4
Charm 3
Criminology 5
Dance 2
Dodge 4
Empathy 2
Etiquette 2
Firearms 4
Fisticuffs 5
General Knowledge 2
Intimidate 2
Perception 5
Streetwise 3
Pick Locks 2
Hide and Sneak 4
Might 4
Advantages: Agility, Acute Sense (Sight), Double Tap, Quick Draw (Pistol), Blind Fighting, Ambidexterity
Priveleges: Independent Income, Trusty Rifle (Pistol) 3, Trusty Rifle (Pistol) 3
Disadvantages: Code of Honor (Do not harm innocents by any circumstance), Enemy (Borozci), Phobia of spiders

Armor Value 8
Revolver, Cartridge Apache 12 mm Damage: 10 × 2


Fain favors himself as a hero, but that notion isn’t one of arrogance. Fain has long since believed that the lower and middle classes all have their own uses and advantages. Though when mentioning his belief to teachers or elders, he is often chided for his childish views of society. His father comes from a long line of philosophers dating back as far as Socrates, but the only similarities between father and son is the mention of the lower class rising to power to become the upper class and everyone seating themselves on even grounds.

While serving a small campaign in Russia, his father undoubtedly shifted his decision, marking the lower class as unreliable and uninformed in military strategy. While short-sighted, the military did little to train their lower class infantry other than to be cannon-fodder, and at best, pawns.

Fain disagreed with his father, seeing the lower class as not weak and stupid, but rather, overlooked and victimized. It seemed what little law enforcement England had, it refused to place forth the needed effort to protect the lower and middle class.

Sick of the treatment of the people that built their houses and made their clothes, Fain took it upon himself to do something about it. It started with a few brawls with muggers that didn’t turn out as well he would have hoped, then it turned into the use of gadgets and weapons that injured and incapacitated the evil-doers. When darkness settled, The Masked Bandit donned his outfit and pistol and went to protect the down-trodden and the victims of black-hearted criminals.

Important People

- Ramses Luther Spruce: Fain’s father and a philosopher that believed the lower class would eventually rise and take down the upper class and replace them in a static cycle. After serving in the war, he switched up his hypothesis and instead referenced the idea that the low class will be too weak to rise and will instead bring the upper class down into their neck of the woods and send Victorian England into ruins. He’s not a bad person, but believes the lower class doesn’t need help or safety.

-Cynthia Eldaroy: Fain’s personal maid and the only person who knows of his late night excursions. Hired at a teenage age while Fain was a child, she is only seven years older than him, but holds great deal of maturity and intelligence for a Dutch fox beast woman. Despite her maid status, Fain sees a great deal of insight in the woman, but will ignore her if it goes too far against his ideals..which ends with him getting hurt in the process.

Fain Spruce

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