Jeremiah "Fidget" Bain

Ratman, Informant, Bottom Feeder


Rank 5 (8 XP remaining)

Rat Beastman, Middle Class
Nationality: Italian
Build: Wiry
Eyes: Yellow
Vocation: Pickpocket
Personality: Low-Class Business Man
Social Ethics: Survival of the Fittest

9 pounds, 73 shillings

Strength 0(3) Dexterity 2(4) Fortitude 2(4) Resolve 2(3) Wits 3(3) Presence 1(2)
Initiative 2+3
Health: 5 health die
Mana: 2 die
Sneak (4) Run (21 yds) Swim (7) Leap Horizontal (3) Jump Vertical (2)
Initiative: 9

Skills: Athletics 3
Conceal 4
Dodge 3
Hide and Sneak 4
Perception 4
Streetwise 4
Lockpick 2
Appraisal 2
Lip Reading 2
Sewer Lore 4
Empathy 2
Bull 5
Charm 2
Swordplay 2
Gambling 3
Pick Pockets 2
Throwing 2
Sleight of Hand 3
Might 2
Intimidation 3
French 2
Chinese 2
Indian 2
German 1

Beastman Advantage: Night Vision
Advantages: Contortionist, Glib 2, Street Informant, Local Expert 2
Assets: Income Lower 5
Priveleges: Ear of the Street
Disadvantages: Tourette’s Syndrome
Possessions: Tenement Building, House


Fidget has grown up like man under privileged beast men, but he often lived within what means he was given without too much complaint. It wasn’t until he found a discarded copy of Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine that he began to question his position as the bottom of the food chain. Of course he couldn’t read it himself, so he paid an Irishman a small fee of alcohol to teach him to read at the most basic level, though nothing that would put him through school.

With the help of the Irishman, he leafed through the story and found mention of a poem of a man who rose from poverty to become a figure the high class feared as a God. Through whatever means he hoped, Fidget intended to become famous, or infamous, enough to be recognized as a God. However, he knew that everyone in these times would have to utilize significant means to place themselves on top, so Fidget began doing what he did best: listening. By coursing the sewers and keeping a keen ear for juicy details of shady dealings, he wished to place himself as the one everyone would come to with a quest of information.

Fidget’s name comes from the occasional twitches and strange movements through his body that cause him to appear uneasy. He can also appear unruly at times, and smells awful 75% of the time.

Fidgit has a mild form of Tourettes Syndrome, though it rarely comes across as anything more than the mild fidgets as above.

People of Interest:

Colum Hennessy – The Irishman who taught Fidget to read, and a notable drunk. He is of low class and has an ear to the street, just as Fidget does. While they’re considered friends in some respect, Colum doesn’t give much help to him unless he has some sort of payment. Though he seemed apathetic to the rat man’s poor state, Colum enjoys trading secrets with Fidget for free and in his drunken tirades often gives free information without knowing it.

Grizz – A bar owner that holds a great deal of animosity to Fidget, despite his cheerful nature to the rat man. They met after Grizz shut down his pub for the night, finding the bottom feeder eating out of the garbage. While he saw a bit of himself in the young teenage rat, Grizz set limits to what he could and couldn’t scrounge, as it would likely attract authorities and shoo away customers.

Sly – Met in a Bar.

Cutter – Owner of Cutters.

Pierre Dubois – Artist for his penny dreadful

Dennis – Rat man, work horse, but not really horse

Intended Goals:

Amass a suitable force as a sort of boss or lord. Print and distribute his own penny dreadful series called The King: In which a lowly boy rises over the dregs of the upper class and brings them under his foot over the course of his maturity. It will typically be targeted toward middle-lower class teenagers.

Jeremiah "Fidget" Bain

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