Kael Zephyr

Ex-Airship Capt.


Basic Information
Name: Kael Zephry
Player: Justin
Social Class: High
Race: Human
Rank: 1
Nationality: English
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Build: Tall & Lanky, Athletic
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Sky Blue
Childhood: Private tutor
Vocation: Airship Pilot
Personality: Military
Social Ethics: Meritocracy

Strength – |1|
Dexterity – |3|
Fortitude – |1|
Presence – |2|
Wits – |3|
Resolve – |1|

Derived Attributes
Initiative – |8|
Movement – |7|
Sneak – |3|
Run – |21|
Swim – |7|
Leap – |3|
Jump – |1|

Tracked Stats
Health – |6|
Mana – |0|

Racial Special abilities

Common Skills
Act – ||
Athletics – |4|
Blunt Weapons – ||
Bull – |2|
Charm – ||
Conceal – ||
Concentration – ||
Dance – ||
Dodge – |2|
Drive Carriage – ||
Empathy – ||
etiquette – ||
Firearms – |4|
Fisticuffs – |2|
General Knowledge – |2|
Hide & Sneak – |2|
Horse Riding – ||
Improvised weaponry – |1|
Intimidate – |2|
Might – ||
Perception – |4|
Streetwise – ||
Swordplay – |4|
Throwing – ||

Specialty Skills
Pilot – |4|
Military Expertise – |2|
Ad Hoc Repair – |3|
Navigation – |1|
Engineering (Airship) – |4|

Magical Skills

Pocket watch

Spells, Medium powers & Runes

Ambidexterity – |3|
Inventor – |5|

Hero – |5|

Income (Upper Class) – |2|

Inventor Assets
Prosthetic Limb – |1|
artisans Touch – |1|
Secret Workshop – |3|
Pilot bike – |2|

Aloof – |-5|

Military Officer
Local Gunmaker
Local Scrapyard

1D6 Pounds (at start of game)

102 pounds, 19 Shillings, 6 Pence

Experience, Ranking & Fate
14 Fate points

Light Sword
x2 Volley Pepperbox

Soldier Great Coat


Kael is a curious sort of individual. He’s Childlike in his nature, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a born leader. Kael has a spirit for adventure, and always makes sure he’s in situations in which he can take action. Kael was born to a proud English Family, and lived a highly educated childhood. Kael has studied the intricacies of mechanical engineering since he was a child. He was bought a commission by his parents to be a Lieutenant in her Majesty’s Royal Air Force. Kael had been developing his plans for an Airship since he was 8; he originally meant it to be a expedition vessel to be used by his Hero, Sir Richard Francis Burton. He went to desperate measures in order to get his designs to Queen Victoria, the only person he thought could appreciate them and think they were just as amazing as he did (his child-like disposition drove him to this conclusion). In the End, she like and approved it his Airship, and it was built by Kael and a team of engineers in 2 years’ time. Queen Victoria named the vessel The “Dash” after her dog. Kael did not agree with this, and has always called it the Zephry as he believes it was meant to be called. Queen Victoria used the Dash once to Travel to Hungary to make a stunning and impressive entrance; shortly after, she promptly got bored of it. She then set it and Kael off to fight in the ongoing Crimean war.
It was in the war where Kael spent two years leading tactical expeditions and theater deployments to gain ground on the Russians. In December of 1866, Kael and his crew were assaulted by Wyverns and Sorcerers. During the battle the Zephyr sustained damage, and Kael himself was dealt crippling blow from a sorcerer, nearly severing his foot. When they returned for repairs, another Captain who had previously lost his ship in combat was given the Zephyr to command. Kael’s foot was amputated, and he was dismissed from service. While in recovery from his amputation, Kael made a slight modification to his prosthesis to allow him to walk in a far more normal fashion by adding springs. This wasn’t a vast improvement, but considering the recent events, he had fallen into a slump. After Returning home for recovery in one of his parent’s estates, he started growing restless and it started to mess with his mind. He started getting crazy ideas, like taking back what was his, and doing whatever it would take to accomplish his goals… Even if it meant treason.
We Join Kael today only a few weeks after his full recovery.

Kael has bright blue eyes the color of clear sky and untidy blonde hair that likes to stand on end. He has very Greek-like facial features, and has an athletic build due to military conditioning. He commonly wears fashion that resembles that of his military uniform for [his] comfort.

A Brilliant Kid who loves to play soldier

Kael Zephyr

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