Peregrine Blackmantle

The Black Dagger


Peregrine Blackmantle a.k.a. the Black Dagger
Upper Class Human Assassin, Rank 5

Basic Traits
Attributes Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Fortitude 0, Presence 2, Wits 2, Resolve 1
Derived Attributes Initiative 9, Health 3 (6 pips), Mana 2
Movement Speeds Sneak 4 yds, Run 24 yds, Swim 8 yds, Leap h. 4 yds, Jump v. 2 yd

Common Bull 3 (5), Charm 4 (6), Conceal 4 (7), Dodge 4 (7), Etiquette 4 (5), Hide & Sneak 5 (8), Perception 4 (6), Swordplay 5 (8, 11 on surprise attack)
Specialised Fashion 0 (2, 6 to dress appropriately), High Society 4 (6), Pick Locks 2 (4), Sleight of Hand 4 (7)

Special Qualities
Talents Assassin’s Lore 3 (+ 3 damage w/ edged weapons), Backstabber 2 (add Dex to surprise attack and damage) • 6 points
Assets Income – Upper Class (1d6 pounds per adventure), Independent Income (halve all income rolls), Fashionable City Flat, Wardrobe (+ 4 to fashion rolls to dress appropriately)
Complications Secret – Assassin, Code of Honour – always be professional and courteous; never attack a woman

switchblade (9 damage, 12 on surprise attack, + 2 Conceal, + 1 to draw)
light military sword (12 damage, 15 on surprise attack)
lined coat (AR 4), arsenic, fine dinner suit, Cane of Mirrors, Cigar of Obscuring x 4
Funds 19 pounds 10 shillings

Childhood Public School
Vocation Assassin

Rank 5
Rank Points (current/total) 3/11
XP (current/total) 1/48
XP Transactions Charm (0 to 1, 1 XP), Sleight of Hand (0 to 4, 9 XP), Perception (3 to 4, 4 XP), Charm (2 to 3, 3 XP), Presence (1 to 2, 8 XP), Fashion (0, 4 XP), Wardrobe (3 XP), Pick Locks (0, 0-2, 7 XP), Assassin’s Lore (2-3, 8 XP)
Rank Advancement + 8 Common Skills (Charm + 1, 1 to 2; Perception + 1, 2 to 3; Hide & Sneak + 1, 4 to 5; Swordplay + 1, 4 to 5, 2 more); + 1 Health die; Base Mana 1


Mr. Peregrine Blackmantle is a bit of a mystery to the upper crust of Victorian society. He is often present at functions, but most aren’t acquainted with him or his family, whoever they are. Some rumors say they are old nobles from France or Germany, but nobody knows for sure. What people do know is that Mr. Blackmantle has money, and he wears it like a man of the upper class should. The truth is that the Blackmantle clan is all dead, save for Peregrine. Attempts to dig up his family history might eventually turn up the names of his parents or brothers who were killed years ago, but the quest would ultimately be fruitless. It would not reveal Mr. Blackmantle’s career as a high profile assassin, nor his motivations for doing what he does – which are multitude. First and foremost, someone needs to do it, and at least he is genteel and professional when he works. Better that than some crazed, aze-wielding murderer stalking the streets, he thinks. Second, he is using his skills to take revenge on those who took his family from him. Third, Mr. Blackmantle sees himself as a kind of messenger of justice, an avenging angel. All men must answer for their sins, and Mr. Blackmantle knows that, eventually, his will catch up to him. In the meantime, he’s the vessel to bring that message to others – when prompted by discreet and wealthy clients.

Mr. Blackmantle, known professionally as “The Black Dagger,” requires to be paid well for his work. He also requires to know why his targets must die. If they appear to be largely innocent, and the client simply wants them dead out of hatred or greed, then he will refuse the job. He also refuses to harm women. The man has scruples, you know!

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Peregrine Blackmantle

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