The Gypsy


Romani Gypsy Eldren – Lower Class – Female

Rank 6(0 EXP Left)

0 Strength
3 Dexterity
1 Fortitude
3 Presence
3 Wits
3 Resolve

10 Initiative
8 Movement

4 Mana
4 Health

Common Skills
3 Act
2 Athletics
1 Blunt Weapons
2 Bull
2 Charm
3 Conceal
5 Dodge
3 Empathy
1 General Knowledge
5 Hide & Sneak
1 Horse Riding
3 Improvised Weaponry
5 Perception
2 Streetwise
5 Throwing

Special & Magical Skills
2 Lip Reading
5 Lore
2 Pick Pocket
2 Sleight of Hand
4 Sensate Medium

Racial Special Abilities
Artistics Eccentricity ( Kleptomania )
Planar Empathy ( Glimpse )

Medium Powers
Glimpse – 6 Difficulty – Regular Cost
Know Living History – 4 Difficulty – 1 + Regular Cost
Psychometry – 5 Difficulty

Talents, Privileges, & Assets
Agility – +2 any roll involving acrobatics, stealth, running or climbing.
Sensate Medium** – Know Living History, Psychometry
Social Anomaly – Lower Class Gypsy Eldren
Polygot – English/Language Only
Lower Class Income (5) – 1d6 pennies per adventure.
Gypsy Wagon (2) – Single Room Wagon

Bad Reputation


Blonde haired, green eyed, she is a pretty Eldren who stands no taller than five foot in height. For an Eldren woman this is incredibly short seeing as she appears at least eighteen years of age. Both being a physical oddity and social anomaly, she dresses eccentrically as most gypsies tend to do. She absolutely refuses to wear shoes, instead wearing socks with the toes cut out with exception to one hoop. Off colored, mismatched rags that occasionally show too much skin, with beads and ornate trinkets she mysteriously acquired laced in her hair. Risa is a truly strange sight behold.

Risa is a gypsy, and by society standards that makes her a lying, thieving, heretic. In this case they’re probably all to some extent true but like all individuals there are multiple layers. What most see is the enigmatic fortune teller who may be capable of reading more than just cards. While upbeat, energetic, there is a dangerous and unpredictable edge to Risa. Intentionally she seems to boast of grand stories to induce the fear of the gypsies and threatens others with curses should they cross her, even if she herself is not capable of such. Those who spend a great amount of time around her will figure quickly she breaks a lot of social norms as a female, even to drinking and smoking if given the opportunity. Whether she does this just because or to watch the shock on people’s faces is as good as anybody’s guess.

Yet she can be serious as well. Any questions or prying close to her elder sister tends to lead a person to a having a visit from Risa. She is also a very serious business woman who’s favorite phrase tends to be “What is it worth to you?” Coin is not the only means in which one can pay Risa. Favors are one method she seems very fond of as well as items of sentiment or historical value.

Public knowledge of Risa’s history is very little. It is known for certain that she is from the Romania region and speaks with a heavy romani/russian accent due to the Russian influence bleeding into the country. Her height is rumored to be due to a strange love affair between her eldren mother and a halfing, and her refusal to wear shoes seems to largely support this. In the gypsy caravan, she is the younger half sister to a pure Eldren petty magician named Rasia, and adopted family member to a gypsy halfling named Emilian. All other things known about her tend to be questionable however there are a number of rumors flying about though a number of them its suspected she created herself.

RasiaLower Class – Older half-sister of Risa, fellow gypsy and social anomaly, and petty magician. She seems to put even a few upper class women to shame with her beauty and surprising intellect. However due to a few events before their arrival in London, something about Rasia always seems a little…off.

EmilianLower Class – Another gypsy escaping persecution, cleverly and suave little halfling. He is good at getting in and out of places without being noticed and an exceptional gambler. His fascination happens to be people.

Gage PriceHigh Class – - Front man of a small business by day and thief by night, often has his fortune told before a job just to be certain.

Edith JenkinsMiddle Class – A plain, devout Aluminat maid for a high class family. She is an envious woman who looks on her peers and betters with envy, being unmarried and borderline hag-hood, she often obsesses over the social aspects in last ditch hopes to eventually marry. Despite her strict religious nature her own desperation brought her to Risa, and happily Risa uses her as information regarding the activities of the higher classes.

_One chapter of Risa’s life is now at a close. The dark clouds looming over London vanish with the death of Borozci and Lord Sergei. However every ending is also a sign of a new beginning. _

Risa’s sister, Rasia, was happily engaged and eventually wedded to Doctor Dawson. A man whom Risa developed a great deal of respect for and trust in his abilities of caring for her. Finally an escape from the lifestyle she believed her sister needed with a man who bravely delved into the vampire mystery without a second thought even when his own life was in danger. She is proud to call this man brother-in-law.

Following the death of William Dafoe, Risa finds herself the heir to what little he had, and takes the mantle of Hunter upon herself. Her intent not just to ensure the monsters of the night are kept at bay but to educate others with effective means to protect themselves. Originally she had intended to simply leave London without a word to anyone until Fain Spruce’s feelings. With this development and the sudden ability to focus on herself instead of others, she expressed a similar feeling.

With the crime in the city low, the need for The Masked Bandit limited with Allister controlling things, she coaxes her new companion to travel about with her on her new task. Protecting the people of Europe from the terrors of the night, and giving Fain Spruce more adventure then he probably ever asked for.


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