Due Process

Fain's Pistol

weapon (ranged)

The pistol hasn’t seen much action since its last use. In fact, Fain’s father hasn’t even noticed it’s missing, and he really wouldn’t care either way. The last time the pistol left the holster prior to Fain’s use, was when Ramses was fighting the good fight against the Russians. When he retired, he put the pistol in its own compartment in the attic and Fain found it shortly after. The revolver had seen its days of wear and tear, and Fain refurbished the weapon to perfect working condition, and took the revolver with him on his night excursions.

Fain’s father wasn’t the best weaponsmith, but the barrel was set to send the bullet flying with perfect precision. This was the perfect weapon for Fain.

He named it Due Process because criminals would never die, but suffer, and remain live with the pain until they’re healed.

Due Process

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