The Zephyr

Kael's Ship


The Zephyr is one of the fastest ships in her majesty’s royal air fleet, but that is not saying much seeing as how most are terribly slow. It is one of the few ships that have the ability to use multiple mechanisms with a single engine. The ship was designed for long range scouting missions and base deployment. This means that it can easily run on a Skeleton crew of 4 people, possibly less though not highly recommended. It can run with a full crew of 8 and has a recommended crew of 6. It has been used in the Crimean war so far, to deploy bases in remote tactical locations, so that when reinforcements arrive, there is already a camp with supplies established. This means the crew of the Zephyr can survive long periods of time without needing to return to stock on supplies or fuel, and can make swift retreats if need be. This also means that the Zephyr sacrifices armor for some of its speed compared to other military ships. It was modeled originally by Kael as an Expedition airship for Sir Richard Francis Burton.

The Zephyr has more than 4 Mechanisms as its disposal. It is a Rigid Airship with armored panels around it’s Balloon keeping it safe from most things that would destroy it, unfortunately this also makes it a heavier than air craft (when it has cargo, which it always should). A single steam large engine is employed to send pressure to power 4 sets of dual propellers. The same steam engine sends pressure to wind up a clockwork mechanism that is also linked to the propulsion system, this is used for times when the steam engine is not ready, however it has a very short use, usually only used for sudden take offs. The propellers can be used to steer however the Zephyr also employs Ornithoper technologies. It uses wing-like contraptions in order to make swift and accurate turns, as well as a tailfin for stability, while in the air these contraptions also assist in propulsion by catching wind like sails.
On its maiden voyage as The Dash it was equipped with two cannons, it since has been upgraded to two mitrailleuse guns; one each on the port and starboard sides. It has the capability to drop bombs, but they have to manually be dropped by a crew member through a maintenance hatch in the cargo bay. At the front is a large naval harpoon gun that can be used to grapple on to opposing ships.

Within the confines of the hull are the Captains quarters, the crew’s quarters, the Passengers cabin, The Galley, the cargo bay, and a meeting/ dining hall. The Bridge is located in the central portion of the ship and has mage tempered glass surrounding it, giving a 360 degree view in the bridge.

The Zephyr has the capabilities of landing on both water and land. It can also function in water but since it is not designed for this, it functions very poorly.
The Zephyr is the result of more than a decade of work and research by Kael. He’s poured his heart and soul, blood, sweat, and tears into it. It’s quite a feat of engineering, so it’s in constant use and endangerment while being used in the war.

The Zephyr

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