Into the Labrynth

After the tragic events in Blackmantle’s life, he has finally come to a point where he can take revenge on those who have wrong him. After witnessing a freak occurrence, he has decided it’s time to strike.

After hiring The Hound to find more information about the group, he managed to come into possession of the list of the ritual all ready in progress. What he does with it is up to him.

All members have been identified and two have been taken out. Only 4 more remain.

They are trying to use a ritual to free him. The needed items/task are:
[X] Kill and mark two innocents
[X] Collect seven poisonous mushrooms
[X] Set five patterns within three miles of each other in a star pattern
[X] Mix one part goat’s blood with one part raw roman wine
[ ] The heart of a wronged man
[ ] Beautiful, blue Eldren eyes
[ ] A large silver mirror
[ A labyrinth made of sand

Into the Labrynth

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