Liberation of the Zephyr

Kael Zephyr needs a team to recapture his airship and a crew to run it

Engineer Crew: Bertram Entwhistle and Archie Waylan
Rigger Crew:

Thieves crew:

Kael has rubbed elbows with two groups of fellows, The Brigg’s Gang and The Adventure Society.
A strange man, Wiley Willy Wollsworth has offered to remain on retainer for 10 shillings a week as he is a known master of lock-picking and sleight of hand. He is a member of the Brigg’s Gang.

A gentleman known as Gale Buffet offered the spot of Chairman and captain of his new project “The Wild Blue Jays”, a group of brave men willing to drop supplies or troops into hostile areas. The trust was established and all that is needed is Kael’s signature. Gale Buffet died under mysterious circumstances but after he had put his plan into motion and into the trusty hands of his lawyer, Charles Oftensen. Oftensen made a deal with Capt. Zephyr; Oftensen keeps the money and Capt. Zephyr gets the hangar to which he agreed.

With repairs to the airship complete, it’s time to begin putting his plan into motion. The contacted Wiley Willy Wollsworth and together they got the list of employees, the lay out of the area, and the schedule of activities of the airship. They could still use more information on what the future plans of the airship might be.

After some inquires, he has found that Archie Waylan and Bertram Entwhistle may be open to the idea of a grand air adventure. Malina Kowlewski is unopposed but since a man’s life depends on her loyalty, she is hesitant.

Liberation of the Zephyr

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