Justice has a New Mask

The Masked Bandit has been foiling plots all over town, mostly at the expense of a group known as West End Terror. They are the most widespread, pervasive gang in the city and are not to be trifled with. The line has been drawn; will justice triumph over evil?

The first official encounter ended in victory for the Masked Bandit. The robbery was thwarted when it was uncovered that men had sneaked into the party and had been replacing guest at the party. Some outside interference caused a general chaos but the Masked Bandit managed to keep up with Kent Darvey, a prominent member of West End Terror. He escaped but this will not be the last these two shall meet.

The Masked Bandit and Kent Darvey clashed on several occasions; The Masked besting him at every turn, including disfiguring him and eventually apprehending him. However, someone had killed Darvey that evening causing it to look like The Masked Bandit had murdered the man. Now The Masked Bandit is a wanted man.

The Masked Bandit has recently come to trust a young gypsy named Risa who, through her visions, has come to learn that they may be on the same path. After dealing with several strange incidents about town the two have started working together when they can to figure out what West End Terror is up to and what her visions mean.

Recently they have found out that W.E.T has strong ties to the occult and some of their members are vampires. They were able to land a major blow to the organization by staking Dobro, Borozciā€™s right-hand man and a ruthless assassin. However, this is only the beginning as they have come to learn that Borozci has brought in allies from the old country and the death of one of his most trusted men will no go unanswered.

Justice has a New Mask

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