Phoenix Squadron

A group of dishonored or disabled officers looking to regain their honor in the Queen’s service. They take to the skies on the backs of wyverns and enter the most dangerous situations.

Members of Note:
Major Raymond Duncan: In charge of Phoenix Squardron. Reported: Classified

Capt. Rowan Chapman: A Fox beastman born to an upper class family. Reported: Spent most of his life smuggling and still has a tendency to engage in the activity.

2nd Lt. “Hayden Rutherford” Malina Kowlewski: An attractive Polish female officer secretly serving under the guise of an injured officer. Reported: Is serving in place of the real Hayden Rutherford under the terms that should she betray the Crown, both her and Rutherford’s lives would be forfeit.

2nd Lt. Percival Morgrave: An eldren officer and the newest addition to Phoenix Squadron. Reported: Is known to have a serious temper and a habit of dueling successfully.

Phoenix Squadron

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