The Prince's Knot

A group that seeks to free Lucifer from where they believe him to have been imprisoned, the Labyrinth.

Confirmed Members: Deidrick Lexington, Viktor Gavrilla (Killed by poison), Father Dunnsworth, Freddy Jefferson, Geoffry Haddawick (deceased), and “Pan”

They are trying to use a ritual to free him. The needed items/task are:
[X] Kill and mark two innocents
[X] Collect seven poisonous mushrooms
[X] Set five patterns within three miles of each other in a star pattern
[X] Mix one part goat’s blood with one part raw roman wine
[ ] The heart of a wronged man
[ ] Beautiful, blue Eldren eyes
[X] A large silver mirror
[ ]A labyrinth made of sand

They communicate with one another using a secret book code which can be decoded as long as one has a copy of the book “Find Your Center: How We Traverse the Maze”. Members also seem to be able to preform some type of hedge magic, usually using the labyrinth symbol as a medium. Witnessed abilities have been transportation between specific points and serve as a focus for mana.

The Prince's Knot

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